Whats 2nd base in dating

1st base is making out, 2nd base is feeling above the waist, 3rd base is feeling bellow the waist or hand down her skirt and home run is sex ;) Use the Pythagorean theorem: a² b²=c², the triangle formed by home plate to 1st base, 1st base to 2nd, and home to second base. The pointy sides are the intersection of the 1st and 3rd base lines. ------------------------------- *EDIT* ---------------------------------- I think the most common version is: 1st = Kissing 2nd = Touching (Cloths Fully On) 3rd = Touching (Under Cloths, Below) 4th (Home Run) = You Can Guess The Base path is 60 ft. There should be a minimum of 180' to the closest fence with a maximum of 200'.

Thus, 90 feet between plate and home, or a², (90)(90)=8,100, add 90 feet between 1st base and 2nd base (b²) which is also 8,100 feet for a total of 16,200 feet which is c², the distance between home plate and 2nd base. In some ways, 1st base can mean boyfriend girlfriend, 2nd base can mean kissing, 3rd base can mean making out, and home run can mean... from the back of home plate to the front of 1st base, & the same from base to base, back home from 3rd. An 8' radius should be around the pitching rubber which is positioned at…

Could you tell me what the bases are for girls and guys? While there's no "official" definition of what the bases represent, there seems to be a general understanding of each base: Remember, Wondering, these can vary among different people, so don't be embarrassed to ask your friends exactly what they mean when they talk about the different bases — you may find that you aren't the only one who needs some clarification on both the bases and the definition of sex.

It's great that you want to be informed and asking is the best way to find out.

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The demensions are 90 feet from base to base, including home plate.

If First base is 16" square, from the center of First base to the center of second base is 89'-4" On Wilson footballs, the dating code is displayed on footballs. Monogomy is the only way to be in a relationship, and if you can't commit yourself to one person, don't date a person.

The first code stands for the date, the second code stands for the month, and the last letter represents the year. If you mean you'll get another girlfriend in the future, then yes.

Often, the most pleasurable sexual activity occurs when both or all partners are focused on the experience — rather than an end goal.

Another crucial piece to rounding any of the bases is making sure that you and your partner(s) have mutually consented.

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