Who is michael dating from bachelor pad

I mean, sure…Michael could have told Emily he was going on the show and that he wanted to be “single” on the show and she could have agreed….

But, considering they picked things right back up where they left off once he was booted from the Pad….

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I am attaching the screenshots labeled for you to post to your website.

I was told by a magazine who is also going to publish that this is all public info and can be posted.

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I dont respect hat he also slept with several women on the show but he enever lied about his feelings and led any of them on like Stag did with Rachel.

It is even more embarassing because he kept repeating even on the show, that he was there for love and nothing else. Is love sleeping with a girl he met and got together with only a week or so before filming during his Chiacago show, arranging with her to keep it quite so he could be single and allowed to promote his music on Bachelor Pad, and then sleep with and lead a irl on for no reason?

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