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However, with a married mistress, this risk is much lower.

A married lover will not change partners, like gloves, in fear that the husband may find out.

Quite often, the search for a lover is associated with a lack of romance in a relationship with her husband. After all, the common hobby is a good reason for dating. On such services men and a women choose each other, based on their qualities and preferences.

And she begins to look for the missing feelings with another man.

And if he falls in love and decides to marry already taken woman, he will literally walk on a minefield.

Indeed, besides the feelings, women can be held back by children, social attitudes, fear of condemnation of others.

While there is always such a risk with a free woman.

Lower requirements It is much simpler with a married mistress: forgot about a birthday date, give rare while with unmarried ones in may cause many problems. Financial expenses A married woman will not call, demanding money for a new car, because the old one has broken.

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