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i ripped ass all the way home and for a few hours after that. i ripped ass all the way home and for a few hours after that. My lab partner has a gas issue but it's not a issue for either of us.

She came over to my house once when we had to do a report on plant life or something like that, we didn't end up doing it because she ripped silent farts into my bed and I would (With reverse psychology) tell her to stop and she would keep going.

She asked me if I would mind a fart in the face jokingly I said "Sure ok, that's normal" So later on she sat on my face while I was lying down I was struggling and pretending to suffocate. Then some really warm silent ones she asked if my face was warm and I replied saying "it's like a sauna get off! I asked you in another thread to elaborate, but then I just ran into these posts, which sound awesome. Have her eat AT LEAST 3 Fiber One bars and about ten dried apricots.

" She then ripped a big one that was bassy right when I opened my mouth to talk. She got off blushing kind of and waved her hands behind her butt and said "I'm done" And then later as I was leaving I was down the street and she ran outside yelling "WAIT" I stopped and she jumped turned her but facing me and farted. In about an hour and a half, she will rip ass like never before. I did this with my girlfriend and I was skeptical at first.

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She later smiled while she was out the door and grabbed my winter hat and pushed out a fart and shoved in my face as she ran out the door.

She tends to try and light farts on fire but her's are too puffy.

She was waving her hands towards me and she said she ripped like 3 second long silent ones that she could smell and they wreaked, and let me tell you they did.

I asked her what she ate and she said cheese sticks. Later on in the day she got onto the coach I was on while playing Mario Kart.

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