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In this first “Slice” we talked about methodology and/of (user) evaluation.

On Wednesday, 21st of March, we held our first 4TU Hackathon on telepresence, teleoperation, embodiment and haptics.

These discussions were triggered by a talk given by Dr.

Daniel Lakens about the importance of collaboration in science, after which a speed dating session really brought the Ph D’s closer together.

The series of Dutch Touch meetings was initiated to bring together people from various disciplines who are all working on the topic of touch.

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In the end this day showed many Ph D students that they have more in common than they think, opening up possibilities for collaborations between the Universities.On Wednesday 18 April, we had the first “Slice of Science” meeting.This is a recurring informal get-together to talk about various topics.Fifteen researchers and students with various backgrounds, ranging from from control engineering to philosophy, met up in the Design Lab at the University of Twente.Besides researchers with 4TU H&T affiliation, there was also a group of researchers from TNO who collaborate with the UTwente on this topic in the context of the I-Botics project (

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