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Any alternatives in Mr MC for the Kodi addon XBMC Library Auto Update?I manage media files directly on a Linux server (NFS) where I add and also remove files.Cleaning is a more thorough function that removes files from the database that are no longer there.Python would probably the be easiest way to do this executebuiltin(Clean Library(database)) is a sample, make sure to pip install simplejson #!If you exit the slideshow, the Python code keeps running in the background and will restart the slideshow if the folder contents change. I’m sure it’s possible, but it is probably beyond my skill level… Is Active is absolutely the way to check whether the slideshow is running.You should also check to see if Kodi is shutting down as otherwise your script can block its exit.Mine always start once a day at 18.00 h because then I'm not using my htpc for sure.You could also use Yatse or Kore on android, there it's just one tap in the menu.

Is Active(slideshow) until your report results in a fix.I'm running the lastest Kodi on Raspberry Pi2 (Jessie) Regards Manne I am pretty sure updating and cleaning are separate functions.I know you can update the library if you have the Kodi web server enabled (I have a python script for it somewhere).Something like the following (and totally untested): import xbmc from os import listdir monitor = xbmc.Monitor() picfolder = "/home/osmc/images" l1 = listdir(picfolder) while not monitor.abort Requested(): if Cond Visibility('Slideshow. = l2: xbmc.executebuiltin('Slide Show(%s)' %(picfolder)) l1 = l2 if For Abort(60): # Abort was requested while waiting for 60 seconds.

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